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Premises Liability

If you were to ask most individuals where they’re most apt to get injured, they’d tell you out in public in a parking lot, at the restaurant or on a playground. It’s unlikely that they’d mention the home as the place that they’d be at most significant risk of harm. Certain dangers exist that put individuals most at risk of getting hurt at home as opposed to in public though.

Pools are one of the most dangerous areas in or around homes. Children who are left unattended may find themselves attracted to jump in the water. It doesn’t have to be that deep for them to drown either. Individuals who are fortunate enough to survive falls into pools often suffer severe brain damage. Most people don’t survive drownings though.

Another common reason why individuals are hurt at home is due to fires, whether house or outdoor ones. Other burn injuries come from individuals making contact with scalding hot liquids or surfaces. While many individuals can recover from relatively minor burns in time, others are left with disfiguring or disabling injuries. Some individuals suffer such serious infections from their burn injuries that they die.

Poisonings commonly result in household injuries. These types of incidents frequently occur after a child gains access to prescription drugs or cleaning chemicals that were left within their reach. Many individuals who consume these substances maybe not experience any lingering effects from doing so if they’re treated right away. Many people aren’t as lucky though. They’re left with permanent damage or die as a result of their consumption of toxic substances.

The final common household incident that results in injuries is slips and falls. These types of events often occur because an area is too cluttered or poorly lit. These incidents can happen when an individual falls while performing work around the home on a ladder or because there’s uneven pavement around the home.

If you think about the number of visitors that you receive in your Waco home on an annual basis, then you’ll likely be able to identify many of them. You likely have neighbors, friends, relatives, cleaners, babysitters, utility service people and others that visit your home each year. If you get hurt while visiting someone else’s home, then a premises liability attorney can help you recover the compensation that you need to cover your medical costs and related expenses here in Texas.

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