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Premises Liability

When you hear about someone having a slip-and-fall incident, it’s common most people assume that it happened because something was spilled on a floor and not cleaned up. This is just one of many reasons that slip-and-fall accidents occur though.

Many slip-and-fall incidents occur because a walkway is so cluttered that an individual can’t see what lies in wait in front of them. Throw rugs or cords that are inadequately secured to the floor are often responsible for slips, trips and falls as well. These factors, coupled with poor lighting, can make for a particularly dangerous situation. Potholes, curbs and uneven can cause slips and falls as well.

It’s quite common for individuals to slip, trip and fall as they ascend or descend a staircase. This tends to happen most often when someone tries to do this while distracted and/or not using the handrail. Cluttered or poorly lit stairwells are particularly dangerous. Stairways that feature narrow treads and steep inclines leave users particularly vulnerable to getting hurt.

Many slip, trip and fall incidents occur because someone attempts to use a step stool or ladder for unintended purposes or without another person’s support. Other incidents happen because an individual wears inappropriate shoes for the situation.

Another common reason that slips, trips and falls occur is because business owners neglect to post signage warning of dangers. Sometimes, visitors neglect to pay attention to it as well.

It’s the responsibility of property owners to keep their premises reasonably safe of potential dangers. They’re supposed to clear up spills, eliminate clutter, fix uneven pavement and install adequate lighting to minimize the risk of someone getting hurt. If they don’t, and someone suffers an injury, then a property owner may end up getting sued.

If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, then you owe it to yourself to discuss your case with an attorney. They can advise you of your right to compensation for injuries suffered on a businesses’ premises here in Waco or elsewhere in Texas.

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