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Car accidents can be traumatic and leave you emotionally and physically scarred. Filing a lawsuit against an at-fault driver can help recover compensation for these damages. Obtaining a police report from the accident is one of the best ways to prove fault. 

Many of our clients wonder how to get a police report for a car accident. While the process is quite simple, we understand you might want to avoid dealing with this hassle as you recover.

The Zimmerman Law Firm, P.C. firm is always here to help. Our Round Rock personal injury attorneys can obtain your accident report and pursue compensation from all accountable parties. Contact us today to get started. 

Understanding Car Accident Reports

A car accident report, or crash report, is a comprehensive document created by law enforcement officers responding to a motor vehicle accident scene.

This report serves as an official record of the incident and is crucial for legal and insurance purposes. It is an unbiased, third-party account of what transpired during the accident.

Who Creates Car Accident Reports?

Police officers who respond to the scene of an accident will create the report. The officers might interview involved parties, get witness statements, and take photographs of the accident scene.

The officer’s observations and other gathered evidence are compiled into the car accident report. This report is then filed with the local law enforcement agency and made available to the parties involved and their insurance companies.

What Information Is Included in a Car Accident Report?

Texas law requires law enforcement officers to complete the Texas CR-3 Form. Some of the information in this accident report includes: 

  • Date, time, and location. The report notes when and where the accident happened, including street names, intersections, and mile markers.
  • Vehicle information. Officers list all vehicles involved in the accident, including make, model, year, and license plate numbers.
  • Driver information. The report gives names, addresses, phone numbers, and driver’s license details of all drivers involved in the accident.
  • Weather and road conditions. An officer can choose from nine options to describe the weather conditions and state of the road at the time of the accident.
  • Injury and damages. Officers describe all injuries caused by the accident and the extent of damage to the vehicles.
  • Contributing factors. The crash form includes options to say if a driver was speeding, ran a red light, or was affected by other similar factors.
  • Diagram of the accident. This is a visual representation of the accident scene, often showing the positions of vehicles and the direction of travel.
  • Officer’s narrative. Officers will give a detailed account of their observations, interviews with parties and witnesses, and their professional assessment of what occurred.

Understanding these components of a car accident report is crucial. They provide a factual basis for insurance claims and legal proceedings. If you hire a Round Rock car accident attorney, this report will help them demonstrate liability and advocate for a fair resolution.

Obtaining Your Car Accident Report

Texas law allows certain people to request a car accident report. Generally, you need to be involved in the crash or represent someone in the accident. On top of this, you will need to know certain facts about the parties and the accident to get the report. 

All accident reports cost $6, regardless of how they are requested.

Requesting the Report from the Round Rock Police Department

The Round Rock Police Department provides car accident reports. You can make this request in person at the Department Headquarters at 2701 North Mays Street, Round Rock, TX 78665. 

You can also mail in your request to the police department. Be sure to include a stamped and self-addressed envelope and a request for the report.

This request must include all essential information you know about the parties and the accident to ensure the police can locate the right form. Lastly, make sure to include the check or money order for the $6 fee.

Online Request Process

The Texas Department of Transportation allows people to request an accident report online via the Crash Report Online Purchase System. You will need to know one of the following to obtain a report:

  • Name of a party,
  • Driver’s License Number of a party, 
  • Vehicle Identification Number of a party, or
  • TxDOT Crash ID for the accident. 

You can download the crash report instantly once you pay the fee. However, keep in mind that it can take up to two weeks for a crash to appear online. 

How a Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help 

Hiring a reliable personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation for your injuries and losses. 

Your lawyer will know how to get a car accident report from police departments that responded to the crash. They will meticulously analyze the report and look for evidence to establish liability and support your claims. 

Moreover, a personal injury lawyer can use their experience to ensure the crash report is accurate and complete.

They can identify any discrepancies or errors that may exist in the report. If necessary, they will work with accident reconstruction specialists or other experts to create an accurate account of the accident. 

Additionally, lawyers know the complexities of Texas personal injury law. They know what evidence carries the most weight and will use it to demonstrate liability.

This evidence will also help your attorney negotiate with insurance companies and maximize your potential compensation.

This compensation can account for a range of damages, such as:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages, 
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Wrongful death. 

Sometimes, you may need to go to court to get full compensation. Your attorney will advocate for you and show the jury why the other side is liable. 

Speak with a Car Accident Attorney

Knowing how to get a police report for a car accident is just the beginning of getting money for your damages.

The Zimmerman Law Firm has helped many Texans get compensation after car accidents. Our attorneys have over 85 years of combined experience and know all the tricks insurance companies use to avoid liability.

We won’t rest until you are satisfied and never hesitate to bring a strong case to trial. Call today to schedule your consultation. 

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