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Child Injury

Contrary to popular belief, it can get cold in Waco, Texas. Although the city does not receive much in the way of snow, the presence of ice is sometimes a factor. When it comes to child injury, winter can be just as dangerous for Texas children as it is for kids living in northern states. Further, in most cases, the injuries discussed in this post are preventable. They are also legally actionable if another party’s negligence led to the injury.

According to Texas Health Resources, the following list contains some of the most common injuries adults and children in the state experience in the winter.


Most commonly seen during the holiday decoration season, falls bring many kids and adults to emergency rooms each year. While most adults know to practice caution when hanging ornaments, kids might not understand the dangers of climbing ladders and other objects.


Small children are always putting things in their mouths. As such, accidentally ingesting objects and substances lead to a high volume of child injury during the winter. Examples of accidental ingestion include eating unsecured medicine, swallowing unsecured poisons and choking on small objects like Christmas tree bulbs or ornaments.


As mentioned above, snow and ice are not common in Waco, but their rarity may actually increase the chance of child injury. When kids are not accustomed to moving around on icy streets, yards or sidewalks, they have a greater chance of slipping and suffering a serious child injury.

You can take steps to reduce the risk of wintertime child injury in your own environment, but your kids could still suffer accidents on another person’s property. If you believe a property owner’s negligence contributed to your child’s injury, you may find a remedy by speaking with a premises liability attorney about your situation.

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