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Premises Liability

The summer is a time when many Waco families head out to their local swimming pools or park, take a day trip or visit other parts of the state. United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) data from 2016 showed that as many as two million Americans were hurt while participating in summer activities that year. Earlier data showed how they got hurt.

At least 550,000 individuals were injured while out riding their bikes in 2011. This makes it the leading cause of summertime injuries that year. It’s likely that the majority of the serious injuries that the cyclists suffered could have easily been prevented. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, a helmet can reduce a rider’s head injury risk by as much as 85%.

The place where the second largest amount of injuries occurred that year was at softball or baseball fields. At least 261,000 individuals were hurt in 2011 at these types of venues. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, most injuries occurred due to unintentional contact. Others could have happened because individuals failed to stretch or warm up.

At least 244,000 people that year were hurt on playgrounds. At least 70% of those injuries occurred when equipment failed or someone fell. One emergency room pediatrician interviewed noted that it’s important for parents to remain vigilant for broken equipment and rusty nails.

That year, there were also 221,000 mini bike, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and moped incidents. The CPSC has repeatedly warned consumers about the dangers associated with motorists younger than 16 operating these vehicles. They’ve also called attention to the fact it’s dangerous to ride with a passenger and for them to be operated on paved roads. That year, the second highest amount of ATV operator deaths occurred in the state of Texas.

Many of the other injuries that occurred happened on the soccer field, on trampolines, the volleyball court, at amusement parks and at pools or on other bodies of water.

Property owners are supposed to keep their premises reasonably safe, especially if they’re expecting a significant amount of visitors to frequent them. If you get injured this summer, then you should first see a doctor. You should then reach out to a premises liability attorney to see if you qualify for compensation for injuries that you suffer.

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