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Premises Liability

When people are asked what comes to mind when they hear the word shopping, they often say making purchases. Very few individuals concern themselves with getting hurt while out at the store. Shopping injuries are quite common though. These types of incidents often occur because store owners fail to warn their workers or shoppers of certain hazards or to keep their premises safe.

Shoppers and workers alike are particularly vulnerable to getting hurt if stores are overcrowded. It’s often around this time of the year when stores are offering Black Friday sales that customers line up hoping to take home items at a fraction of their regular retail price. There have been incidents in the past in which both store customers and workers have been attacked or trampled by others eager to gain access to a particular item.

Slips and falls are also a common store injury. These types of incidents often happen because consumers or workers drop items on the floor and fail to notify store personnel to clean it up. Wet or slippery floors aren’t the only problem though. Raised tiles, torn carpets or poorly lit areas can also cause individuals to get hurt. Falls on malfunctioning escalators aren’t all that uncommon either.

Many stores have shelving that reaches way beyond an average adult’s height. Some customers attempt to climb the shelves to reach what they came for. Others use objects to try to knock these items down to their level. Customers may find themselves struck by falling objects if items up on upper shelves aren’t properly secured. This can cause them to suffer serious head injuries.

Shopping cart and parking lot injuries are two other real dangers that store customers have to be on the lookout for. Cracked pavement and icy surfaces are two of the leading causes of parking lot injuries. Tipped over carts can also cause someone to suffer serious bodily harm.

Liability is not always clear in shopping injury cases. This is why you need to compile any evidence leading up to and immediately following your incident here in Waco.

An attorney can take that information and determine if someone else’s negligence is to blame for your injuring accident. If your lawyer determines that is the case, then they’ll advise you of you right go about requesting compensation for injuries suffered on business premises here in Texas.

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