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Premises Liability

A Waco realtor and her male client are both recuperating after having been attacked by two dogs during a home showing at on Dec. 29.

The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate-Edwards and Associates realtor had previously met with the prospective buyers and was showing the home to them one final time. She went to open the door to the house’s detached garage and the homeowners’ two Pitbulls attacked her.

A police report reflects that the prospective male buyer attempted to step in between the realtor and one of the dogs and that he was attacked when he tried to do so. He lost an ear in the incident.

Photographs released by the realtor show her arms and legs with large, open gashes on them. Emergency responders rushed both victims to a nearby hospital. One of them underwent emergency surgery once they arrived there.

Animal control hauled the two dogs away. The homeowner initially said that he’d never had any trouble with his dogs’ behavior. He later conceded that his neighbors had rounded up his dogs in the neighborhood when they’d broken free before.

The homeowner alleges that he previously told the realtor about the dogs being in his garage. The homeowner notes that he feels like he did his due diligence to warn the real estate agent of any potential dangers. He noted that he understands how he’s responsible for his dogs’ actions though.

One of the many reasons that homeowners are encouraged to take out homeowners’ insurance is to protect their house if anything happens to it. Another reason that they’re encouraged to do so is in case an incident like this happens on their premises. This type of coverage can at least minimize the out-of-pocket costs that a homeowner would otherwise have to pay if they didn’t have insurance.

There are many types of injuries that you may suffer while visiting someone else’s home or place of business. A child may wander into an unmonitored pool. You may slip and fall in someone else’s icy or wet driveway. Dogs may attack. An attorney can advise you of your right to sue a Texas property owner if their negligence led to you getting hurt.

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