Treating Doctors in Texas Workers Compensation

When injured on the job, many people need a doctor. You may need someone to provide you medical care, manage treatment, and work with the workers’ compensation rules. In a workers’ comp case your doctor doesn’t just treat you, but will also be an important part of helping your get your workers’ comp benefits. Choosing the right doctor is essential!

Your Workers Comp Doctor Impacts Your Benefits

  • Medical tests you need
  • Professional care you need
  • When you’re clear to return to work
  • Temporary or permanent work restrictions
  • Your impairment rating you need
  • Medical Assistance FAQs

Medical Assistance FAQs

Can I Switch Workers’ Compensation Doctors?

Every state’s workers’ comp system is different. In most states, you can change doctors at least once. However, depending on where you live, there may be other limitations on your ability to change medical providers.

Who Chooses the Treating Doctor in a Workers’ Comp Claim?

You may be able to choose your own doctor, or your employer (or its insurance company) may send you to its occupational doctor or clinic. If you’re injured at work, report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. Get medical treatment right away.

Why Is My Treating Doctor Important? 

When analyzing what benefits you are entitled to the TWC will likely listen to see what your doctor has to say. In a workers’ comp case, your treating doctor monitors you over a long period of time. The decisions that your doctor makes can directly impact your benefits so make sure you choose carefully!

What Records Should I be Keeping? 

It’s always a good idea to keep copies all of the documents that have to do with your injury claim. This can include work limitations, correspondence from your employer or the insurance, and any forms that have been filled out (like an incident report). Your doctors usually keep copies of all of your medical records but it is up to you to keep copes of your injury papers.

Why Consider Hiring a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

It can be difficult to navigate the workers’ comp system, including when to accept a settlement offer and for how much. A lawyer can properly value your claim, negotiate with the insurance company, and represent you in an appeal, if necessary.