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When you file a claim in Texas, your insurance company must follow Texas insurance laws that dictate how claims are handled.

Understandably, policyholders want to know, How long does an insurance claim take? In Texas, different deadlines apply to different stages of the claims handling process.  

There are three main stages in the life of an insurance claim:

  • Filing the claim;
  • Acknowledging and investigating the claim, and
  • Approving or denying the claim.

Read on to learn more about the deadlines that could apply to your claim. If you have questions, please contact the Texas personal injury lawyers at Zimmerman Law Firm, P.C. today. 

Filing Your Insurance Claim

The time limit to file an insurance claim will vary depending on the type of claim. For personal injury claims, you typically have up to two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit against the parties responsible for your damages.

Your insurance company might have its own policy requirements for how much time you have to present a claim. Sometimes, that time frame may be as small as 15 days from the date of the incident.   

Acknowledgment of Claim Filing

When you file a claim under your own policy, the insurance company typically has 15 calendar days to acknowledge receipt of your claim and request any additional information the adjuster needs to conduct their investigation.

Approval or Denial of Claims

Once the claims adjuster receives all the requested information, they have 15 business days to approve or deny your claim.

The adjuster must do this in writing. If they need more time to review the claim, they can extend the deadline up to 45 days. However, the insurance company must tell you why it needs more time.

Should the claims adjuster deny your claim, they must explain why. The adjuster needs to prepare a letter that explains whether your claim was denied in part or whole. That letter must also explain the reasons for the denial.

Timeframe for Payment Once the Claim is Approved

Once your insurance company has approved your claim, they must make payment no later than five business days under most circumstances. Failure to make timely payments can have legal consequences.

Weather-Related Catastrophe Exceptions

The deadlines differ if your claim arises from a weather-related catastrophe or another Texas Department of Insurance defined natural disaster.

Insurance companies have up to 45 more days to approve or deny these claims and 15 extra days to pay your claim once approved.

Potential Bad Faith Actions 

As a policyholder, you have the right to be treated fairly by your insurance company.

When the company deviates from Texas guidelines, it could be liable for acting in bad faith. The company could also be responsible for your legal fees and 18% annual interest on your claim amount.

If you still need assistance determining how long does an insurance claim take, speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. 

Contact Our Texas Insurance Lawyers 

If you suspect your insurance company has violated any Texas law, you can report the suspected violation to the Texas Department of Insurance.

You can also pursue a bad faith claim to recover compensation for your additional damages. The Zimmerman Law Firm P.C. can help. 

We have over 85 years of combined experience fighting Texas insurance companies and their defense lawyers. We’ve successfully represented thousands of clients for personal injury claims in Texas.

Let our personal injury lawyers help you pursue justice and ensure your insurance company follows the law. Contact us today by phone or online for a free case review.

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