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Personal injury lawyers face unique marketing and SEO challenges. Most markets across the United States are extremely crowded for injury and accident law firms and, of course, high impact cases tend to be few and far between. At Juris Digital we’ve been helping personal injury lawyers market their services for the past 10 years. In this article, I’ve outlined a digital marketing and SEO program for personal injury lawyers which, if executed properly, will produce consistent generation of qualified leads over time. At the conclusion of the post, I’ve explained 10 of the most essential things that injury lawyers need to know in order to invest in the right marketing and SEO activities and understand common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. 🌟 1. Branding your personal injury law firm Before you venture into online marketing it’s critical that you establish a memorable brand that your potential clients will find compelling. In my view, your firm’s brand is defined by the following: Firm name and domain name Consider carefully what you name your law firm and what domain name you choose. While it can be effective to use your actual name in your law firm’s name, it can also be effective to incorporate relevant keywords or slogans. For example, if yours is a brand new firm and no one knows about you, it may behoove you to add a keyword descriptor to your business name, for example: Smith Law: A Personal Injury Law Firm or… The Smith Law Firm: Fighting for the Injured In this case, the domain name you choose might be something like smithinjurylaw.com or smithlawfortheinjured.com. This type of descriptor not only gives people an immediate sense of what you do, but it also can be beneficial for SEO and other digital marketing channels, as it injects relevant keywords right into your business name. Logo, fonts, and colors In order to create a consistent brand, online and off, it’s essential that you invest in a high quality logo design. Your logo ought to help you stand apart from the competition. It also must be adaptable to a variety of platforms; your website, your social media channels, legal directories, etc. My advice is that you not cut corners. Don’t leave your law firm’s logo design up to your nephew who knows how to use photoshop. Hire a professional designer who has experience creating law firm logos. Fonts and colors go hand in hand with your logo. A professional designer will define each of these elements and consolidate them in a quick-reference brand guideline document (here is an example of a such a document for one of our clients.) Mission statement Without a mission to guide your marketing initiatives, you’re not likely to have much success. All law firms, including personal injury law firms, ought to take the time to define a mission that goes beyond “our mission is to make lots of money”. For example, this is Sutliff & Stout’s mission statement: Our mission as personal injury attorneys is to make the communities we serve safer. In the courtroom, we pursue this mission by holding people and organizations accountable when their negligence results in devastating injuries to others. In the Houston and Austin communities, we pursue this mission by offering free cab rides on major drinking holidays. Online, we pursue this mission by providing information and research that helps people make smarter, safer choices. As you can see, the firm’s marketing initiates dovetail perfectly with their stated mission of helping to create safer communities. This context adds authenticity to marketing campaigns, which improves the likelihood of producing strong results. Additional resources for law firm branding: 8 Tips for Avoiding a Bad Law Firm Logo Law Firm Names: What to Consider Choosing Your Law Firm’s Domain Name Law Firm Branding: Is It Important? 🖥 2. Creating your personal injury law firm website If you’ve taken the time up-front to develop a strong brand with a powerful mission, the job of creating an effective website becomes much easier. If you’re serious about the long term online marketing success of your firm, it’s critical that you hire a reputable legal website design and development agency to create your website. Again, it’s great that your nephew knows how to configure a WordPress theme and that he’s offered to build your site for free. But know this: If you go budget, you will get budget results. The biggest mistake that firms make when creating a website is that they put too much stock into their own design preferences and not nearly enough stock into the long-term content strategy of the site. Another common mistake we see is law firms using cheap services like Wix, Squarespace or cheap WordPress themes. These slow loading websites will end up hindering your SEO efforts and also reduce conversions from qualified leads. This is why it’s essential to work with a full-service digital marketing agency who’s capable of not only creating an elegantly designed site but also one that allows for marketing efficacy. We’ve written extensively on website design and development for law firms so I’m not going to go into to much more detail here on particulars. For more specific information please do explore the articles below. Important website design and development information: Law firm website cost: How much should I pay and what should I expect? Should I use one agency for website creation and a different agency for SEO? Survey: What Information do Consumers Want to Find on a Law Firm Website? 5 Law Firm Website Mistakes You Need To Fix How fast does your law firm’s website really need to be? 🔎 3. Defining your firm’s most important SEO keywords Keyword research really needs to be done in tandem with the website creation. Any reputable digital marketing agency will ensure that your law firm’s website design is guided by a defined keyword strategy. It’s important for personal injury lawyers to understand that not all keywords are created equal. When a human being goes onto a search...

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