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Will electronic log books reduce the risk for trucking accidents?

Commercial vehicles get into serious collisions with passenger vehicles every day. Texas residents end up dying or suffering serious injuries after crashes with massive commercial trucks. Many different factors contribute to these collisions, including inclement weather, aggressive driving, speeding, intoxication and distraction. Another major factor is exhaustion.

Company policies may push truckers to drive for too long

There are many factors that can contribute to a serious, potentially deadly collision with a commercial truck. Distraction by either the driver of the commercial truck or the smaller passenger vehicle can prove deadly, as can intoxication. Another serious risk factor all too often overlooked is the impact of drowsy driving.

What can you do if your child gets hurt on a school bus?

Statistically, letting your child ride to and from school in a bus is the safest form of commuting. Your vehicle, as well as walking or biking to school, would all have higher rates of injury and fatality, overall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that children are 70 percent more likely to arrive safely at school when traveling in a bus instead of a passenger vehicle. Bus drivers have special education and laws intended to protect them and the children they transport.

Underride accidents with commercial trucks are devastating

Most people who use public roads understand that massive commercial trucks pose a special risk. After all, these huge vehicles have large blind spots, make wide turns and take longer than typical passenger vehicles to fully stop in an emergency. That can create a scenario where a serious crash is likely, and the people in the passenger vehicle are much more likely to end up hurt.

4 tips to avoid a wreck with a semitruck

If you are like other drivers in Waco, you have probably found yourself riding next to a semitruck and hoping it did not decide to change lanes at that precise moment. You may have even seen the aftermath of wrecks involving semitrucks on Interstate 35. When it comes to a crash involving a semi and a passenger vehicle, it is usually the passenger vehicle that comes out a mangled mess.

Drowsy driving: A national safety crisis that's preventable

Around 2.6 percent of all fatalities recorded in a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's database is related to drowsy driving. While that figure is from 2014, when 846 people died in crashes caused by this problem, it should be noted that the problem has remained fairly constant for as long as the records have been kept.

Safety trips for winter driving

Unfortunately, life does not stop and wait for bad weather to pass by. Through rain, sleet and sometimes snow, we still have to drive to work, school or just to the supermarket to stock up on hot cocoa. However, driving through Waco or getting out on IH 35 in bad winter weather takes on a new level of danger when you have your kids in the backseat.

On the playground, these injuries are most common

As a parent, you constantly worry about your child's safety when he is out of sight. You know that accidents can happen any time, anywhere. While you try to trust your son's Waco school to provide a safe space, you still worry that you will get a call that there has been an accident. While playground manufacturers have made recent strides in providing safer equipment, injuries are still very possible.

Fatigued truckers are extremely dangerous

The duties for truckers who are transporting cargo or passengers must be followed precisely or there is a risk that innocent people will be harmed. The Hours of Service regulations that are set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration help to ensure the public's safety.

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