Filing For Texas Workers’ Compensation

"They said my employer has Texas Worker's Compensation, but I didn't really know ..."

If my employer is not covered by Texas Workers' Comp, then what can I do to get help with my bills, lost wages, and medical needs?

I know my employer is covered by Texas Workers' Comp, but how do I know that I am getting paid weekly and fairly? What are my rights in Texas?

If my injury involved someone other than my employer (3rd party), which is not covered by Texas Workers' Comp, then can I still get medical and financial help?

Texas Workers' Comp Benefits

Income benefits can replace a portion of wages that you may lose because of a work-related injury or illness. There are four types of income benefits:

Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs) - Weekly Checks
You may be paid temporary income benefits (TIBs) if your work-related injury or illness causes you to lose all or some of your wages for more than seven (7) days.
TIBs Min = $134
TIBs Max = $895
Starts - End at 104 Weeks

You become eligible for Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs) after you miss eight (8) days from work. Remember, disability refers to your inability to earn an income not your a physical handicap.

TIBs end at the end of 104 weeks from your 8th day of disability.

Impairment Income Benefits (IIBs) - Weekly Checks
Impairment Income Benefits Impairment Income Benefits (IIBs) are income benefits paid to an injured worker who has reached maximum medical improvement and received an impairment rating higher than 0%.
IIBs Min = $134
IIBs Max = $627
Starts - End

You become eligible for Impairment Income Benefits (IIBs) the day after you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Impairment Income Benefits (IIBs) end after you have received a total of three (3) weeks of payments for each percentage of your impairment rating.

Supplemental Income Benefits (SIBs) - Monthly Checks
Supplemental Income Benefits Supplemental Income Benefits (SIBs) are income benefits that you apply for quarterly (4 times per year, or every 3 months) and are paid monthly to injured employees that meet specific eligibility requirements.
SIBs Min = N/A
SIBs Max = $627
Starts - End at 401 Weeks

If you are eligible, Supplemental Income Benefits (SIBs) will begin the day after your Impairment Income Benefits (IIBs) end.

Your entitlement to receive Supplemental Income Benefits (SIBs) ends at 401 weeks (approximately 7 1/2 years) from the date of your injury.

Lifetime Income Benefits (LIBs) - Weekly Checks
Certain work-related injuries may result in a condition for which you are entitled to income benefits for your lifetime.
LIBs Min = $134
LIBs Max = $895
Starts - End

An injured employee that believes he or she is eligible for Lifetime Income Benefits (LIBs) may submit a written request to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier is required to respond within 60 days of receiving the request. Lifetime Income Benefits (LIBs) payments must begin on or before the 15th day after the insurance carrier decides.

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